Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Top Class Meat Supplier takes a stake in the future

Leading supplier to the most prestigious Hotels and Restaurants in the Manchester and  immediate North West, JL Wood & J Wood, have made an investment in the future by commissioning Logma Systems Design Ltd. to supply and implement part of the OneFit Software range. This has been deployed to achieve the traceability of all products passing through and produced by this fast growing, highly successful, quality meat supplier. The fulfillment of the need for complete traceability has ensured that future requirements placed on the food Industry by Inspection agencies such as BRC are met and surpassed.  With a history of supplying the fresh produce industry for many years and the recognized use of the most forward looking methods of data capture, storage and presentation, Logma is fast becoming a leader across the Food Industry for operations looking to secure the future opportunities for growth and development with the blessing of sector Inspectors and the achievement of respected accreditations

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